Common FAQ`s (if you don`t find the answer here, just give us a call)

Q: I`ve been a tradesman for XX yrs and never had any problem getting on site (and still don`t), why do I need a C.S.C.S. Card?

A: In 2015 there was a significant change & tightening to all the regs, etc. covering access to construction sites. It used to be the case that it was up to the site manager to allow people on site pretty much in any way they saw fit… not anymore. The latest requirements are such that no-one, not even a visitor, should be entering a site unless they have the appropriate C.I.T.B / C.S.C.S card to show who they are, what they do, and that they`re appropriately trained in `Health, Safety & Environment`(HS&E) to safely be there. These days, previously being allowed on carries no weight – it`s all about whether you`re `legitimate`, in terms of the above. If you`re still getting on site with no card, you and the site operator/owner may face prosecution. 

Q: I don`t know what card type I need – how do I find out?

A: Everything`s explained here –   www.cscs.uk.com/applying-for-cards/types-of-cards/

Q: What age do I need to be to get a card?

A: 16 yrs or over (but it can be 14 or over under certain circumstances). If you`re under 16, give us a call.

Q: Had a look at the C.S.C.S. site and it seems a bit complicated. Whats the minimum I need to do to get a card quickly?

A: Use us!  (Sorry, bit flippant there), but it is true that dealing directly with C.I.T.B / C.S.C.S can be time consuming and demands that you do a range of different, separate things yourself. We however operate a `one stop shop` approach; couldn`t be simpler. You show up for training & testing with the docs we ask for (& payment of course!) and we deal with absolutely everything else; right up to physically handing over your card when we get it. We`re also quicker than doing it yourself, as we have all day to do the processing, and badger C.I.T.B to move things through fast.

Q : I`ve got a green card that expires next month, and I did the health & safety training needed a few years ago, how do I get a new card?

A: Under the new regs` if you`ve been H&S trained within the last 2 yrs, what you have already might be enough. Call us and we`ll check it (and any exemptions that might apply)

If not, you`ll need to do the revised HS&E L1 training (or equivalent). Once you`ve done that and got the certificate of completion, you can sit the on-line test required to get the card.

NOTE – Only fully & appropriately approved centres {like us!} can deliver the L1 (or equivalent) HS&E training: make sure you go to one or your training will be invalid. Same applies to test centres, they need to be fully C.I.T.B / C.S.C.S approved {again, like us}. Since 2015 a number of `rogue` centres have been struck off and closed down, and operators prosecuted as they weren`t approved, etc. Cards issued by these centres have been declared void.

Q: How long does a card last?

A: 2 – 5 years depending on the qualifications you hold and the type of HS&E training you do / did. Give us a call and we`ll check it for you.