Construction Skills Certification Scheme (C.S.C.S.)

Simply, the scheme exists to set and demonstrate the standards and competency required by people who attend construction sites for any reason.

Set up in the 90`s, this C.I.T.B. / C.S.C.S. controlled scheme holds a database of those permitted to work in construction as a result of them having acceptable occupational competence certification, an appropriate level of H&S training on an accredited course such as the `L1 Award – Health & Safety in a Construction Environment`, and have successfully passed the online test ~ all of which results in a C.S.C.S. card being issued.


Ever tightening standards

Since mid 2015, C.I.T.B. have made some very significant changes, clamping down on the issue and use of C.S.C.S. cards such that, to get a card now, you`ve got to be able to demonstrate ALL of the above requirements, and have achieved them by recognised `bona-fide` methods, using recognised & approved training/test centres, such as ourselves.

Prosecution of non-recognised training & card providers, and card holders themselves, has taken a significant increase since 2015. An ever increasing number of rogue training & test centres are being closed down every month, and the cards they`ve issued are being declared void.


It is now an “absolute requirement” that anyone entering and/or working on a site classified as a `construction site` must be in possession of an appropriate, current, valid & legitimate C.S.C.S. card, or the card holder, and the site manager / owner, face possible prosecution.

To crack down on the fraudsters and improve Health & Safety for those working in the construction sector, everything`s become very much more stringently policed and monitored, and is becoming more so month on month.

Why use Moray First?

We`re bona-fide all the way…

As a C.I.T.B. / C.S.C.S. fully approved & accredited training and test centre, we work to the highest possible standards of quality and integrity, complying with all C.I.T.B. / C.S.C.S. requirements & guidelines.

You can confidently come to us for not only the best training & service, but can rest assured that everything we do, and all of our certificates, tests, cards, etc., etc., are absolutely above board, approved, and legitimate.

It`s a `one stop shop`

Daunted by what you have to do now to get a card, and even just the physical act of getting the card itself? Don`t worry, we do absolutely everything for you – from your first day of training, through test delivery, supplying certification, and finally C.S.C.S. card supply…  all you need to do is show up!

Unlike some `providers` out there, we don`t just entice people in to sit the test then leave them to sort everything else out; we believe getting a card should be as quick and hassle free for you as possible, so we take all the admin on ourselves, to make that happen.

We`re ILA funding approved

Eligible people can get £200 worth of ILA funding towards our courses, test, & card supply.

Check your eligibility for funding here, by cutting & pasting into the Google search bar: 

If you are eligible, call Lorna on 0141 642 0510 / 0330 2020210, and she`ll explain how it works, help you apply, and support you get funding.

Skilled people

All of our trainers have extensive and in-depth experience and knowledge of the construction industry and have been appropriately trained, approved & certificated, to deliver the required H&S training plus additional support, as well as objectively administer/score all tests we deliver.

Bespoke Training facilities & Test Centre

Our dedicated training room, our C.I.T.B. / C.S.C.S. “excellent” rated test centre, and everything that comes as part of training and testing has only one function – to make you a certificated, competent, `safe`, and legitimate C.S.C.S. cardholder!


Our level of accreditation by C.I.T.B. / C.S.C.S. ensures that you can easily access our buildings if disabled, can sit the C.S.C.S. in 40+ languages, are given professional support throughout (and after), and can attend our courses/tests 7 days a week, from 8am – 9pm, as driven by demand.

Additionally, we have a secure, free, car-park available; while public transport routes to us by bus, train & taxi all `join up` to get you here effectively.